A vibrant hub of color, pattern and textures the design studio houses curated samples of fabrics, wallpaper, trims, rugs, materials and finishes so you can explore the possibilities, discover your aesthetic and bring your vision to life.


I wholeheartedly believe your home can make you happy. I have witnessed clients transform from pack rats who are embarrassed to welcome me into their cluttered space into clients who lose weight, host inmate dinner parties and evolve into someone who beams with pride upon opening up their home to guests. I know it sounds oh-so mellow dramatic, but I have witnessed the transformation first hand and consider it a great privilege to not only transform a home, but to transform a life. 

There are many skeptics that could argue what I do is frivolous and unimportant in the grand scheme of life. But when I see my vision become a reality and I’m able to imagine the memories to be made in a home I’ve helped create for a family I’ve grown to love, I am reminded how important my role truly is. 

As I reflect on the early years of my life it becomes clear I was always meant to help others fall in love with their home and see beauty in the details. I’ve grown up with a mother who always puts others before herself and exuded an ‘I can do it all’ mentality. I was the only child at Montessori to bring sandwiches cut into shapes using cookie cutters on snack day. While my peers brought store bought snacks in plastic containers I beamed with pride over my heart shaped deli sandwiches served on decorative dish. Although my mother certainly does not posses the innate ability to design, she gifted me the inherit ability to delight in the details, the belief of when there is a will, there is a way, and to always under promise and over deliver. I bring these same qualities to every project I touch.

Over the years I have built a diverse roster of client projects ranging from young professionals and families to professional athletes and top executives. My compulsion to create, passion for design and commitment to being hands on allows me to embrace the unique qualities of each client who comes my way. Whether the project is high end residential, a condensed condo or a boutique commercial space I’m able to provide a bespoke design experience tailored to the needs of each client. Whatever the style (classic, traditional, modern) the common thread you will find in my work is a fearless use of color, pattern and texture to create unexpected yet appealing combinations. I approach each project with infectious enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and youthful flair.

With the start of each project I often pull fabrics and samples from my library and throw them on to floor to come up with my color palette. More often than not you will find me barefoot in the design studio with the music turned up while I conceptualize a scheme. The method behind the madness, so they say!

Although primarily based in Pittsburgh, I'm always willing and eager to travel for a great project. I have collaborated with clients all over West Virginia, up and down the east coast from DC to the Carolinas and on both Florida coast lines. Whether you are near or far, I cannot wait to work with you!