My Story

I imagine you were hoping to read a dazzling biography about my life... refined upbringing, Ivy League degree, extensive travels, and numerous publications of my work. But who wants to read another generic bio about an interior designer? They all sound the same to me anyway. The truth is, I’m a twenty-something small town girl from West Virginia with a genuine passion for design.

Here is my story...

My affinity for design first emerged as a young child through my ability to transform a cardboard box and JCPenney catalog into a three bedroom house. Cardboard cutouts quickly became a thing of the past and Barbies commanded my attention. From apartments constructed on the ‘green lawn’ pool table, to the placement of furniture in my pink dream house, I was captivated with creating the perfect space for my plastic idols.

My knack for space planning became apparent when I began rearranging my bedroom. In true Alisha fashion, I would slide and teeter the furniture around my room without soliciting permission or assistance from my parents. I found satisfaction in discovering the many ways I could single-handily rearrange a space. Not much has changed in that respect.

Onward to my teens years where I discovered the house plan section of ‘Southern Living’ magazine. I would obsessively memorize the plans over multiple coca-colas and a jar-full of pretzels, all the while, daydreaming of how I would have designed it better. Eager to prove I could do better, I discovered an old t-square and drawing board from my uncle’s past and quickly got to work. I spent most of my free time creating floorplans for make believe clients, drawing inspiration from the generic housing books found in the check out isle at Lowes.

Then it was off to college... I was on a mission to obtain a degree to back up what I already knew I could do. Attending West Virginia University was all I knew. I had attended most every home football and the occasional basketball game since exiting the womb. Raised as a ‘mountaineer’ and diehard WVU fan there was no other option. There was also no other path to ponder other than interior design. While my friends struggled with what they wanted to be when they grew up, I was lucky enough to never have wondered. An interior designer is what I wanted to be and an interior designer was who I was going to become. As fate would have it, WVU had an accredited interior design program and I was accepted, along with 19 others, after beating out a hundred other hopefuls during my freshman year.

Fast forward through four incredible years of college, returning home jobless, two years serving time as a retail furniture sales associate, and six months as an independent designer and I found myself at a standstill. I was no longer content with life in a small town. I craved more.

My desire for a broader market landed me in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Within minutes of walking into my interview at Davin Interiors I knew I had found my match. The walls of the studio were lined with fabric and wallpaper samples, there was no inventory of furniture to push and my future employer had perfectly polished midnight blue nails. I was home.

You can presently find me gallivanting around Pittsburgh carving out my niche in the world of Interior Design. I’m grateful everyday to my wonderful clients who have entrusted me with their homes. I live and breathe to have a relationship with a home and the people in it. As I continue to experience creative growth and artistic freedom I find myself right where I belong... living the life I have imagined.